Hors D’Oeuvres & Extras

2017-2018 Hors D’Oeuvres & Extras

Tray Passed Hors D’Oeuvres


Heirloom Tomato & Burrata Cheese Crostini (seasonal)

Jalapeño Corn Hushpuppies with Red Pepper Jam

Baked Goat Cheese Crostini with Dried Cherry & Apricot Compote

Mushroom Duxelle Puff Burger Bite with Micro Greens

Apricot Ricotta Bites with Honey & Basil

Mac n’ Cheese on Chinese Spoon

Zucchini Rolls Filled with Herbed Cheese gf

Mini Fried Green Tomatoes with Farmers Cheese & Remoulade

Sea Salt Fries with Spicy Ketchup in Bamboo Cones

Sweet Potato Fries with Remoulade in Bamboo Cones gf

Asian Summer Roll with Thai Basil Sauce gf vegan

Phyllo Triangles with Spinach, Caramelized Onions & Feta

Phyllo Cup with Brie, Lemon Curd, Toasted Pecans & Dried Cranberries

Tomato Caprese Skewer with Pesto Sauce gf

Crispy Artichoke Hearts with Meyer Lemon Aioli

Melon Skewer with Mint, Basil & Honey gf vegan

Heirloom Tomato & Watermelon Gazpacho Shooter (seasonal) gf vegan

Black Lentil “Meatball” with Lemon Pesto

Sweet Potato Hummus on House made Cracker
(or Stuffed in Cucumber Roll gf vegan

$ 1.50 per piece

(Minimum Order 36 Pieces of Each of Your Selections)

(Your catering order must meet our $ 1,500 food & beverage minimum)

gf = Gluten Free


Risotto Cakes with Braised Chicken, Wild Mushrooms & Red Onion Jam

Duck Confit Crostini with Red Onion Jam

Korean Style Mandu (Beef Dumpling) with Sweet Thai Chili Sauce

Ginger Soy Scented Chicken Sugar Cane Lollipops

Angus Beef Sliders with White Cheddar & Chive Bacon Aioli

Mini Chicken n’ Waffles with Maple Cream Cheese

Pepper Crusted Filet with Blue Cheese Mousse & Asparagus Tips gf

Filet Mignon Crostini with Port Onions & Horseradish Crème

Bacon-wrapped Filet Mignon drizzled with Gorgonzola Cream gf

Bacon-Wrapped Almond-Stuffed Date gf

Mini Chicken Street Taco with Mini Clothes Pin

Mini Short Rib Taco with Ancho Chile, Radish & Pickled Jalapeño

Grilled Baby Lamb Chops with Chimichurri (Add $ 1.50 per piece) gf

Prosciutto wrapped Asparagus with Sonoma Goat Cheese gf

Pulled Pork Sliders with Cole Slaw & Tabasco Onions

Mini Chicken Empanadas with Chipotle Aioli

Mini Beef Empanadas with Cumin Aioli

Braised Boneless Short Ribs on Mini Fondant Potato
Mini Chicken or Pork Banh Mi Sandwich

$ 2.50 per piece

(Minimum Order 36 Pieces of Each of Your Selections)

(Your catering order must meet our $ 1,500 food & beverage minimum)


Mini Rock Shrimp Street Tacos

Mini Crab Cake Bites with Spicy Aioli

Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna with Pickled Ginger Slaw &
Soy Glaze on Wonton Triangle

Smoked Salmon Crostini with Red Onions, Capers, Egg & Herbed Cream Cheese

Shrimp Cocktail in Mini Martini Glass gf

Crab Macaroni n’ Cheese on Chinese Spoon

Ahi Nicoise Skewer gf

Coconut Shrimp with Sweet Thai Chili Sauce

Ahi Tartare with Avocado Relish in Cucumber Cup gf

Salmon Cakes with Dill Crème Fraiche

$ 3.00 per piece

(Minimum Order 36 Pieces of Each of Your Selections)

(Your catering order must meet our $ 1,500 food & beverage minimum)

Cheese & Fruit Displays

Domestic Cheese $ 5

Artisan Cheese $ 7

Imported $ 9

Cheeses with Assorted Dried Fruits, Fresh Fruits, Fig Jam, Assorted Nuts, Sliced Bread & Crackers

Appetizer Displays

Farmer’s Market Crudité

 with White Bean Hummus Dip, Fresh Herb Dip & Walnut Dip gf

$ 5 per person

House Made Tortilla Chips with Fire Roasted Salsa & Guacamole gf

$ 7 per person (Add to South of the Border Menu for $5 per person)

Antipasto Presentation

Grilled Tuscan Vegetables, Marinated Artichoke Hearts, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Olives, Cured Meats, Asiago & Gorgonzola, Rustic Country Breads, Grissini

$ 12 per person